Legalization Support

Despite a record high level of support for marijuana legalization in America (according to polls by Rasmussen and Gallup), it appears President Obama may look to export anti-terrorist tactics to fight the war on drugs when he speaks at the Summit of the Americas. According to The Raw Story "...South American leaders will demand that the US hear their arguments on drug legalization. Much as the US argues for specialized tactics and military force to counter the drug gangs, South American nations like Colombia — a key US military ally — are pushing for a less violent approach to counter the cartels that works through simple economics. Specifically, legalization would undercut the gangs' profits tremendously, which many believe would have a pacifying effect on the supply-side marketplace, currently drenched in blood from Peru to Mexico's northern border. Former presidents of Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and even one former US Secretary of State all agree that America's drug war has failed and a new strategy is needed...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. *Read More Here: Subscribe to The Young Turks: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: